Puma Heroes

In a campaign Puma Heroes 2021 I had the honor to be one of the four chosen Puma Heroes to collaborate and show our “superpower” with an international brand Puma and a famous Czech singer/artist Ben Cristovao. And my “superpower”, of course, was illustrating.

The assignment was to create our chosen form of art that would include the brand Puma and Ben Cristovao. That is how I decided to create an illustration with Puma as an animal and Ben Cristovao as the main character of the composition in an Asian themed setting.

To make the illustration a tad more interesting, I decided to make it more alive by using an app called Artivive, aka AR technology, through which you can see the artwork move. 


Torch VR Entertainment

VR Torch Entertainment or VR Play Park is an organisation in Prague that provides exceptional VR experience. 

My assignment was to create a backdrop that will be printed and people will take photos in front of it. 

The backdrop was created for a game called Tower Tag. Tower Tag is a hyper-dynamic futuristic paintball like PVP shooter with a grappling hook locomotion method that becomes second nature instantly.



Only heartless survive

Only Heartless Survive is a French brand that creates clothes. They asked me to illustrate their designs on a person, to draw them seperately and to add photos of clothes textures.